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Products Attributes

• Product Quality & Quantity.

• Capacity to meet consumer needs & wants.

• Availability of the product.

• Factory operation have to introduce in double shift to increase production capacity to meet the market demand.

LPG Cylinder In operation

At present the plant should have 12Kg and 35Kg of LPG cylinders in operation. We will introduce 15Kg and 45Kg cylinder later, if it’s needed.

Product Usages

12Kg (20 and 22mm Valve): Domestic as well as commercial. 35Kg (20 and 22mm Valve) : Commercial Usages , Industrial & Domestic also.


Euro gaz lpg reticulated system

Reticulated system is the safest way of supplying Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to every kitchen of housing complex and every heating section of industries. This ystem supplies gas directly to the individual kitchen or heating section from a centralized cylinder gas bank through special LPG pipeline network.


Our Special Servies:

• Mosly modern and latest technology to meet client’s requirements.

• Dedicated skilled engineering team to provide the best possible service to the end users.

• Ensuring the maximum level of safety and security.

• Uninterrupted gas supply to the end users.

• Training to the customers.

Euro gaz lpg's auto gas

Euro Gaz LPG also provides services at auto gas stations

product composition

The main composition of the LPG to be stored and bottle should be as follows:

• Propane content: +/- 30%

• Butane content: +/- 70%


The products are designed with standard quality raw materials, automatic MIG welding, Zinc coating, Powder coating, Automatic valve setting, Assurance of exact weight and Branded hologram stickers. Products are safe and suitable for domestic use for convenient carrying, transportation and storage capacity. Products are equally safe for commercial and industrial high volume usage.

**According to the design code of American Standard Specification (DOT-4BA-240/EN 1442) the outer surface of the body of 12Kg and 35Kg are at list 2.50 and 3mm thick respectively. The LPG will not contact corrosive components according to international rules and practice**

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